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ABC, NBC Ignores Leftists Storming TN Capitol, CBS Downplays

FTX’s Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty to campaign finance, China bribery charges

France: Migrant Who Murdered French Priest Gets 4 Years in Prison for Setting Fire to Nantes Cathedral

Trump Family Reacts to Indictment: 'Communist-Level S**t'

China and Brazil Ditch the Dollar

Dutch Farmer-Citizen Movement Wins Historic Electoral Victory

35 bodies found inside well after collapse at Indian temple

Russia's isolation over Ukraine grows with US reporter arrest, NATO expansion

Trump NY grand jury indictment: former president expected to surrender to DA's office next week

Seven sorority sisters sue University of Wyoming for admitting trans woman, who they allege has 'voyeuristically peeped at them while visibly aroused'

2 days old

Surveillance Footage Shows Nashville Shooter Used a Carbine Which Fires Pistol Rounds, Not an AR-15

Italian Doctor Suspended for Suggesting Autopsies of Sudden Deaths

James Comer Gives Bombshell Bloomberg News Interview: 'What Business Exactly Did the Bidens Have?'

DOJ Memos Dissuaded Marshals From Arresting Protestors At SCOTUS Justices' Homes: Sen. Britt

REVEALED: Group Behind Trans “Day of Vengeance” Raised Money for Firearms Training – Vile Trans Activists Pose with Massive Firearms Threatening Christians Ahead of Rally at US Supreme Court (PHOTOS)

Pope Francis hospitalized with respiratory infection

Taiwan president starts sensitive U.S. stopover; China warns against meetings

Ukraine says Russian forces make progress in frontline city of Bakhmut

‘ Utterly Disgraceful’: Ted Cruz Slams Biden for Shunning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Biden admin led massive 'speech censorship operation,' former state AG will testify

Georgia teens in Trent Lehrkamp torture identified by police, family asks for prayers

Several dead after military helicopters crash in Kentucky: Report

J6 Political Prisoner Jon Mellis Pleads with Oversight Committee to Investigate Roseanne Boyland’s Death During Their Visit to DC Gulag

REVEALED: California has been inundated with 78 TRILLION gallons of water during historic rain and snow storms, with amount equivalent to 110m Olympic swimming pools or two Lake Tahoes

Has one of the world's richest men died without anyone noticing? US Treasury reveals it received a $7BILLION tax payment in 'estate and gift' receipts - meaning an American with a fortune of up to $35 billion has passed away

Revealed: Gun-toting transgender woman who has become the face of the 'Day of Vengeance' organized by trans activists after Nashville massacre is 'former SOLDIER'

3-7 days old

Here’s why eating peanuts is so important for good blood flow

FBI and Chris Wray Missed Nashville School Shooter’s Manifesto and Final Messages – Instead Focused on Empowering Female Officers in “Diversity” Pledge on SAME DAY as Shooting

North Korea Unveils New Nukes as U.S. Argues About ‘Misgendering’

Nashville Shooter Bought 7 Guns From 5 Stores, Was Being Treated for an 'Emotional Disorder'

About Time: Charges Filed Against Wisconsin Man in Firebombing of Pro-Life Center

HOW THE CAPITOL POLICE IGNITED A RIOT: The Moment the J6 Crowd ERUPTED – When Police Threw an Elderly Woman 10 Feet Down the Stairs – THREE TIMES – VIDEO with Commentary by J6 Prisoner Jeffrey McKellop

Ukraine hits Russian-held city deep behind front as talk of counteroffensive grows

China threatens to take 'resolute countermeasures' over meeting between Taiwan's Tsai, House Speaker McCarthy

Media mockery of prayer, 'subtle smears' against Christianity marks coverage of Nashville massacre

Brazen serial squatter is forced to flee Texas home after changing locks, faking LEASE and going on camera to insist she was entitled to stay there with her family

Train Derails in North Dakota, Spills Hazardous Materials that Could Require 10 Days of Cleanup

Analysis: Mass Immigration Accounts for 80% of U.S. Population Growth

REPORT: Nearly 300 Suspected Terrorists Apprehended Crossing Open Border in Fiscal Year 2023 To Date – Mostly at Northern Border

Trans Activists Burn Harry Potter Books (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Rand Paul Staffer Stabbed Multiple Times with Knife in Broad Daylight – Suspect Released from Prison One Day Before Attack

Russia Could Seek Compensation Over Nord Stream Sabotage

Jim Jordan Demands Docs After IRS "Attempt To Intimidate" Journalist Matt Taibbi During Govt Weaponization Hearing

France braces for violence in new wave of pension protests

Reports: Dozens dead in fire at migrant facility in Mexico

Zelenskiy accuses Russia of holding Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant 'hostage'

Tennessee shooting: Nashville police release security camera footage of Covenant school attack that killed 6

PICTURED: Cops who shot and killed transgender Nashville school shooter who massacred three children and three workers at Christian academy she previously attended

YESTERDAY: TRANS Radicals Threatened Violence in TN Over Trans and Drag Queen Legislation…TODAY: Trans Person Reportedly Shot and Killed 6 People At Nashville, TN, Christian School

Monday’s Mystery Witness Revealed: Former National Enquirer Publisher Testifies Before Manhattan Grand Jury

Second Large Chain Closes All Locations in Portland: Cracker Barrel Permanently Shutters Remaining Area Restaurants

Anti-CCP Protesters File $10 Million Lawsuit Against University of Maryland Over Drone Harassment

UPDATE: Taliban Releases Video of Fields of US Military Vehicles, Piles of US High-End Weapons, and Room Filled with Stacks of 100 Dollar Bills Joe Biden Surrendered to Taliban

Brazilian BOMBSHELL: Mounting Evidence Ties Criminal Syndicate’s Plan to Murder Senator Moro to President Lula – Moro Was the Judge Who Sent Lula to Prison

Soccer Match Suspended After 25-Year-Old Player Suffers Cardiac Arrest in Middle of Game

Former CAGOP Lt. Gov. Candidate Cole Harris and His Chinese 'Wife' Indicted for PPP Fraud - And It Gets Better

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County settles with pro-lifers who were arrested … for praying!

Alex Jones: Transvestite Cult Was 'Created by the CIA, Corporate Media, and the Tavistock Institute'

Rantz: After trans school shooter, Amazon sent tasteless ‘solidarity’ email

The IRS Went Down to Georgia to Steal an Election

Jason Whitlock Reacts to Bogus Trump Indictment: 'I've Never Voted But Tonight I'm Hardcore MAGA'

Mollie Hemingway Highlights the Hideous Nature of Partisan Hack James Comey

Matt Gaetz on Trump Indictment: We're Witnessing the Soros-ification of the Criminal Justice System

“ The Only Crime That Donald Trump Committed was Beating Hillary Clinton” – Kari Lake Speaks Out Against SHAM Trump Indictment

Maricopa County GOP Censures Legislative District 3 Chair, Calls for New Election TODAY After Investigation Shows Election Violations – District Chair Desperately Tries To Stop Revote With Lawsuit

The Only Solution is to Shove it Down Their Throats and Put Him Back in the White House!!!” – Donald Trump Jr. Gives EPIC Response to Garbage Trump Indictment“

“ Our Hearts Go Out to the Trans Community as They Are Under Attack Right Now” – Karine Jean-Pierre After Transgender Terrorist Murders Christians (VIDEO)

House Republicans Pass Energy Bill, Small Businesses Welcome Effort

Trump accuses Dems of ‘election interference at the highest level in history’

DeSantis Blasts Trump Indictment as Un-American, Refuses to Extradite

CBS News Bans Reporters From Using the Word 'Transgender' To Describe Transgender Nashville Shooter

The Elites are bailing out their own banks, not yours

James Comey Fires Off Tweet Celebrating After Manhattan Grand Jury Indicts Trump

Republican Vivek Ramaswamy Slams ‘Dangerous’ Trump Indictment: ‘We May be Heading on our Way to a National Divorce’ (VIDEO)

They Will Fail – He Will Be Re-Elected in the Greatest Landslide in American History” -Trump Campaign Responds New York DA’s Indictment

Kevin McCarthy on Trump Indictment: House Will Hold the ‘Unprecedented Abuse of Power to Account’

Joe Biden: ‘Transgender Americans Shape our Nation’s Soul’

Dulis: Hollywood Celebrities Rejoice, Jeer at Trump Indictment — ‘A Glorious Day’

Trump's 2024 GOP rivals react to the former president's indictment: 'Politically motivated'

Nancy Pelosi roasted over Trump indictment tweet saying he has a right ‘to prove innocence’ at trial

'Girls are shot in Times Square and they are going after Donald Trump!' Furious Eric Trump lashes out at crime-ridden Manhattan's DA Alvin Bragg for indicting his dad and says Hunter Biden should be facing court case instead

Justice Department 'is irritated by Manhattan DA's indictment of Trump because they believe hush money charges are weak and could damage Georgia electoral fraud and January 6 probes'

2 days old

The Next Phase Of The War - Trans Terrorism

What is the Vatican Smoking? Vatican says Ramadan is important for Christians too.

BOOM! Rep Mills Crushes Secretary Austin, Tells Him Directly 'I've Drafted Articles of Impeachment'

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Has No Answer For How or Why IRS Agents Showed Up Unannounced to Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi’s Home (VIDEO)

Coincidence? Maryland’s Long-Serving Elections Director Linda Malone Resigns Hours After Okeefe Media

JUST IN: Senate Votes 68-23 to End Covid Emergency

‘Garbage’: Jesse Watters Asks Sen. Lindsey Graham If He Actually ‘Read’ A Key Bill He Co-Sponsored

Tucker on Why 'Transgenderists' Hate Christians: They Refuse to Bow Down & Worship a False Idol

America Is Emulating Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Says Utah State Treasurer

NHL's commissioner signals the entire league might drop its "Pride" nights after pushback from fans and players

Matt Walsh Postpones Speaking Tour Due to Threats Against Family

Senators Accuse Biden Admin of Sneaking Left-Wing Policies Into Semiconductor Bill

Biden's Defense Department Turns Tail and Runs After Russia's Challenge Over the Black Sea

AZ Governor's Press Secretary Resigns Amid Outrage After Calling For Violence Against 'Transphobes'

RESTRICT Act Is Orwellian Censorship Grab Disguised As Anti-TikTok Legislation

Matt Gaetz Grills Military Brass on Drag Shows and Racism – General Milley Commits to End Drag Queen Story Hour on US Military Bases

FIFA Denies Indonesia’s Bid to Host U-20 World Cup Over Resistance to Israel’s Participation

‘ Identity Crisis’: Anti-Woke Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Launches First Ad

Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Exposes Successor Deb Haaland’s Ignorance on China Threat

Democrat Kathleen Clark BLASTS “Politicians and Preachers” and “Right Wing Extremists” for Cruelty to Transgenders After Wicked Transgender Guns Down Kids at School – Forgets to Mention Her Son Is Violent Trans Antifa Felon

Merrick Garland Lies Under Oath – Exposed for Telling US Marshals NOT to Arrest Leftist Protesters Outside SCOTUS Justices’ Homes – But Calls for 1,000 More Arrests of Trump Supporters Standing Outside US Capitol on Jan. 6

Senate Blocks Josh Hawley Amendment to Have Inspector General for Ukraine Aid

Biden’s ‘Summit for Democracy’ Attracts Apathy from Allies, Mockery from Dictatorships

Longtime NFL referee Bill Leavy dead at 76

Fox News Poll: Trump’s lead grows in GOP primary race, now over 50% support

Senate Democrats and Republicans clash over Tuberville Pentagon abortion access protest

Trans ‘Day of Vengeance’ Rallies Will Move Forward and Take Place at Supreme Court This Weekend Despite Christian School Mass Shooting

3-7 days old

Tucker Exposes NPR's Call to Arm Transvestites, Disarm Everyone Else

Kari Lake Owns Former Jeb Bush Lackey Tim Miller: 'You Dress Like a 13-Year-Old'

Judge allows E. Jean Carroll defamation case against Trump to move to trial

Demented Joe Biden Again Jokes About Transvestite's Slaughter of Christian Children

Betsy McCaughey: China Controls Your Meds

Left-wing commentator David Pakman actually tweeted this yesterday and now he's taken it down because of "attacks and threats" to his family

“ If You Had Integrity, You Would Resign” – Department of Homeland Security Head Mayorkas Appears Lost and Confused After Being Destroyed by Senators Cruz and Hawley (VIDEO)

Here’s Why Gun Control Would Not Have Stopped Nashville Transgender Shooter

“ Something Very Dramatic Has Changed": Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Ditched Free Speech

Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles Suspended on Twitter For Posting Bible Verse

James O’Keefe Strikes Again! O’Keefe Media Group Exposes MASSIVE Democrat Party Money Laundering Scheme in US Elections

Exclusive—Derek Kreifels: SVB’s Collapse Serves as the Canary in the Coal Mine for ESG investments

Geraldo Rivera Calls for Assault Weapon Ban: ‘Shame on the 2nd Amendment’

Trans Activists Pushed Aggressive Rhetoric Before Shooting at Christian School

Patrick Mahomes shows opposition to NFL's change to 'Thursday Night Football' on social media

Press secretary for Arizona Dem Governor Katie Hobbs is slammed for saying she wants to SHOOT transphobes, hours after trans killer massacred three children, two teachers and custodian at Nashville school

REPORT: John Fetterman Has Missed Over 80 Percent of Senate Roll Call Votes Since Checking Into Hospital

‘Thank God He Was There’: Off-Duty Firefighter Says It Was the Lord Who Led Him to Save Deputy Hurt in Crash

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Nom Let Off Domestic Abuser. He Was Later Convicted of Attempted Murder.

JUST IN: Maricopa County Superior Court Rescinds Order Setting Dates for Kari Lake’s Ballot Signature Fraud Challenge as Supreme Court Extends Deadlines for Sanctions and Responses – ORDER INCLUDED

ABC’s Terry Moran Appears to Blame Today’s Nashville School Mass Shooting by “Transgender” on Republican Lawmakers Who Oppose Transgender Surgery for Minors

Is Miserable Michelle The Reason Barack Obama Isn’t Wearing Wedding Ring He Used To Wear While President?

Our shameful media is already blaming today's elementary school shooting on TN law banning sex-change surgeries for children

McCarthy blasts Jan. 6 Democrat investigators for tarring GOP lawmaker when evidence vindicated him

Every Christian in America Is a Target Now

It Sure Looks Like the Nashville Shooting Was a Far-Left Terrorist Attack

Press Make Absolutely Horrific Move in Dealing With the Psychotic Transgender Shooter


Barack Obama Falsely Claims Guns Are Number One Killer of Children

Poll: Support for Traditional American Values, Patriotism Declines



‘ Fingerprints’ in the brain can expose the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease

Fact Or Fiction: 10 Common Beliefs About Sun Damage & Skin Health

Scientists observe flattest explosion ever seen in space

Brightest-ever gamma-ray burst (the “BOAT”) continues to puzzle astronomers

510K CPUs, HDDs & more seized as smugglers keep trying to sneak tech into China

Oh look, another scientific discovery that shows the Bible was right all along

AI set to knock out 300 million full-time workers

Japan restricts chipmaking equipment exports as it aligns with US China curbs

TikTok legislation push meets backlash over free speech

2 days old

Retinal scans could be a non-invasive, inexpensive way to track human aging

Owning a cat or dog may protect children from developing food allergies

Eating fruits and veggies rich in calcium and potassium may prevent kidney stones

Taffy Galaxies' collide, leave behind bridge of star-forming material

Judge finds Google destroyed evidence and repeatedly gave false info to court

NASA delays flight of Boeing’s Starliner again, this time for parachutes

'Unacceptable incompetence': CDC made dozens of basic data errors on COVID, epidemiologists find

Elon Musk and other big tech names sign open letter calling for pause on AI development, citing "profound risks to society and humanity"

Study reveals who’s most prone to ‘violent radicalization’

US chip subsidy criteria could be a 'burden', says South Korea

3-7 days old

You’re 6 times more likely to have a heart attack the week after having the flu

Smart leggings can tell when it’s time to stop exercising

‘ Cosmic concrete’ twice as strong as normal materials paves way to colonizing Mars

As Veterans Learned the DCCC Had Leaked Their Data, the VA’s Tech Chief Was Meeting With His Wife. She Runs the DCCC.

Tech outperforms while AUD & JPY lag in FX, BoE and ECB speak ahead - Newsquawk US Market Open

Alibaba's breakup lifts hopes China's regulatory winter is thawing

Mice taking the new DHA experienced nearly 100% improvement

Melatonin supplements may lower a child’s risk of self-harm, suicide

Dietitian reveals 8 tasty ingredients for adding years to your life

Walnuts 101: Here’s why their heart-healthy benefits start in the gut

We drive the most hardcore Toyota Corolla ever: The GR Morizo Edition

Webb Telescope confirms nearby rocky planet has no significant atmosphere

Android app from China executed 0-day exploit on millions of devices

Fly to space and back in less than 2 minutes with this sweet SpaceX booster cam video

Electric Cars Are Bankrupting the Auto Industry

Cryptoverse: Buoyant bitcoin's losing its liquidity

Oxford Researchers Find Some Birth Control Pills Increase the Risk Of Breast Cancer By Up To 30%

Exercising for 30 minutes every day improves ‘richness, diversity’ of gut microbiome

Save the caterpillars — by turning your porch lights off at night

Genetic tests unexpectedly find genes linked to heart disease—now what?

Surprise effect: Methane cools even as it heats

A puff of air could deliver your next vaccine

Your grocery bag might not have been recycled­čś«

Watch: This new tech can create an unbelievable deepfake of anyone in less than 5 minutes using only an iPhone

Biden Admin Now Going After Air Conditioners With New Regulations to "Reduce Nation's Carbon Footprint"

US Expert Panel To Meet To Determine Which Adverse Events COVID-19 Vaccines Cause

Parts of Twitter source code leaked online, court filing shows

Rock star's Lamborghini unearthed from dusty storage facility after more than 20 years

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