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Household Toolkit (94 pieces)
Household Toolkit (94 pieces)

Fix your broken house with these tools!  Or break your house with the included hammer! (Just be certain to wear safety glasses – also included)

•40pc 3/8 Socket Set (SAE & Metric)
•25pc Hex Key Set (SAE & Metric)
•4pc Mini Pick & Hook
•1 Adjustable Wrench
•1 Safety Glasses
•4pc Funnels
•1 Hammer
•Zip Ties

•6pc Pliers Set
 8″ Groove Joint Pliers
 6″ Long Nose Pliers
 6″ Slip Joint Pliers
 4.5″ Long Nose Pliers
 6″ Diagonal Pliers
 7″ Lineman’s Pliers

•12pc Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set
 5/16″ x 8″ w/hex bolster
 5/32 x 4″ w/screw holder
 1/4″ x 4″ w/hex bolster
 #2 x 4″ w/hex bolster
 1/4″ x 1-1/2″ Stubby
 #2 x 1-1/2″ Stubby
 1/8″ x 2″
 3/16 x 4″
 3/16 x 6″
 1/8″ x 4″
 #1 x 3″
 #0 x 3″

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Low Level Warning Indicator Kit for Coolant / Water / Methanol Injection
Low Level Warning Indicator Kit for Coolant / Water / Methanol Injection

Non-intrusive low level sensor warning kit. Works with coolant/water/alcohol based fluids that use plastic recovery/degassing tanks (also works through glass). No need for drilling or making permanent changes to your vehicle compromising the integrity of a pressurized cooling system. This kit is completely plug-and-play.

*Does NOT work with oil based fluids or petroleum fuel*
*Does NOT work with metal tanks*

Fully assembled Kit includes:
1x LED indicator
1x Low Level sensor
1x ATM Fuse Tap or in-line + 1AMP fuse
3x zip ties
6′ indicator wire
10′ sensor wire

All wire joins are soldered and double heat shrink protected.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

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Hyundai Genesis LED accent nighttime illumination kit (2010-2016)
Hyundai Genesis LED accent nighttime illumination kit (2010-2016)

Have you ever wondered why Hyundai engineers decided that when you turn on your headlights, your slick looking l.e.d. accents turn off?

Yeah, us too. That’s why we decided to right a wrong Hyundai committed from the factory and make it so your l.e.d. accents stay on at night.

You will receive a fully assembled, plug and play harness for easy installation.

Suggested Price: $49.95 Set Price
Honda / Acura NSX Door Check Bushings
Honda / Acura NSX Door Check Bushings

Honda no longer manufacturers these bushings. Over time they wear and deform creating play which cause a popping sound when opening/closing doors.

Fits ’91 , and probably other years.  Two are OEM size, two are oversize for those who have increased wear in the armature.

Material is 3D printed Nylon from Shapeways.

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Dodge Viper GenII GTS Throttle Cable Clip 1.0
Dodge Viper GenII GTS Throttle Cable Clip 1.0

There’s a Throttle Cable Clip fairy that’s running rampant throughout the Viper community that loves to steal these at night when you’re passed out drunk.  This is the first version that is most OEM style-like that fits Gen II GTS.  Vipers being sold without this infamous clip do not obtain coveted skyrocket values.  This clip will thread onto the mounting bolt using great tremendous force and guaranteed to never accidentally lift like the OEM clip.

Although the OEM clip can probably still be purchased through dealer at a much lower cost.  But one day……. it will go by way of green dohickey and cam sensor.

Nylon 3D printed, also available through Shapeways

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Paintball Bundle Setup
Paintball Bundle Setup

Almost complete professional paintball setup. Only thing you need to add is a gun/marker of your choice! This is pro level gear minus the mask which definitely isn’t the greatest, but will get you started and on the field! **Priced … Read More

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Automatic “Pop Top” Bottle Opener
Automatic “Pop Top” Bottle Opener

Pop top Bottle Opener.  Includes rare earth magnet inside the opener to catch bottle cap and impress your friends.

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Automatic “Pop Top” Bottle Opener Bundle!
Automatic “Pop Top” Bottle Opener Bundle!

Save big with this bundle which includes 1 of each opener for a total of 5 openers to really get the party started!

Suggested Price: $20.00 Set Price
Custom Hopper Paint Job
Custom Hopper Paint Job

We offer custom hopper paint jobs to match your marker and style. Solid colors, fades, shapes, and numbers are all possible. Please note what you would like done with your order including any pictures and additional ideas.   Paint schemes … Read More

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HPA/Nitro Tank Re-Hydro Test
HPA/Nitro Tank Re-Hydro Test

New tanks are expensive! Send in your tank to us and get it re-hydro tested to keep using it!   NOTE: -Fiber wrapped tanks have an end of use life of 15 years and must be condemned. So if it’s … Read More

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Paintball Marker Rebuild
Paintball Marker Rebuild

Have an old gun lying around that you’d like to get up and running again? Whether it needs major repairs or just an air leak somewhere, we’ve got you covered. We service and repair all markers including electros, mechanical, and … Read More

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