About Us

We’re a unique team stranded in a tiny desert town called Tucson, Arizona.  It’s true we are surrounded by cactus and tumbleweeds.  Some of our products are genuine, created from local merchants and shipped directly from Arizona.  Other lower cost alternatives are drop shipped from overseas.


Q. When will my order ship?
A. Our genuine local merchant products are shipped same or next day from Arizona using Rabbit Speed (USPS 1st class, or Priority).  Lower cost alternatives are shipped from factory overseas, which can take up to 7 days for processing.

Q. When will my order arrive?
A. Genuine products shipped domestically should arrive 1-7 days.  Lower cost alternatives drop-shipped may take up to 30 days.  Either way we typically provide a tracking number at some point.

Q. Why is there a charge from TurboKeychains on my credit card statement?
A. TurboKeychains LLC is our parent company.  We make lots of things other than just keychains.

Return Policy

We accept returns if the product has been legitimately damaged, defective, or not as advertised. However you’ll have to pay to package and ship them back to our location in Tucson, AZ.  Unfortunately we know some very special “chronic returners” who frequently retro shop in the quest for the absolutely lowest price, or are unable to exercise self control on impulse buys and return products simply because they regretted the purchase.  This not only raises prices for everyone else, but we generally are unable to resell the product and it ends up in a landfill or falls overboard into the ocean on its journey back to China for recycling.

Contact Us

If you insist, just shoot us an electronic mail to helpme@getyours.com

Privacy Policy

We promise not to partake in spammy activities.  We find it highly annoying when others do it to us, so we won’t do it to you.